Power supply directly from the ground

    Working principle — reaction between metals with different electrode potentials

    Long-lasting and safe

    Operates all year round 24 hours a day both winter and summer

    Ecological materials

    Мы заботимся о природе и используем полностью разлагаемые материалы

    SERP Battery

    An electrochemical reaction between metals with different electrode potentials that forms a primary electric current.

    Off-grid lighting system

    There is a competitive advantage (even the furthest corners of the park are lit 24 hours a day)

    SERP renewable free electricity

    There is free (renewable) free electricity
    where you need it.

    Our company develops and implements alternative methods of power reproduction.

    We will do the impossible!

    Addressing the lack of electricity consumption in alternative ways.

    Advertising illumination
    With energy supply of a country house all is clear, cheaper the old-fashioned way — wires, meter, receipts … But what to do with consumers who simply have nowhere to connect, there is no outlet? Or with consumers who are remote from the grid? For example, night illumination of billboards. It doesn’t seem to be a problem, there are usually power lines along the highway, but not everywhere. More than 50% of billboards stand in an unlit area and there is simply no «outlet» nearby. Even if there is somewhere to plug in, it’s a whole story.
    Try to get 1 kW from a power grid company for a remote consumer, if this consumer is also a legal entity. First of all, they will not give you 1 kW, at least 3-5 kW, and you don’t need that much. Second — the cost of 1 kW for the initial connection , not counting the project, approvals, walking through offices, etc., etc.

    Park lighting
    Now let’s consider park areas. A well-lit alley, moms with children walking, but a step aside and total darkness. And as a result — empty (at best, at worst — alcoholics, drug addicts and murderers with rapists — horror). I.e. 3/4 of the area of parks in the dark time of day is not used. And it’s not the lack of electricity (primary connection of the complex). And in the costliness of laying cable lines throughout the park zone, and the landscape with the interior will be disturbed. As a rule, large park areas are low-profit, dated enterprises and they simply (financially) can not afford to illuminate all corners of their lands.

    Low power supply
    Even bigger problems for naturalists, seismologists, weather forecasters, etc. Naturalists, zoologists and simply amateurs to observe animals in their natural habitat, when using «camera traps» constantly face the problem of power supply of these devices — constant replacement of batteries or recharging batteries, i.e. periodically violates the «personal space» of the observed. Our developments in the field of low-power power supply will solve this problem once and for all. The same applies to powering seismic sensors, mini weather stations, etc.

    Facts about our development

    Taking as a basis the research of telluric currents and applying modern technological solutions we have obtained a system of autonomous energy source.

    The development is ongoing

    Alternative energy sources and their application is a hot topic in which active research is being conducted today.

    Unique and simple technology

    We managed to become one of the pioneers in this promising field and offer unparalleled solutions.

    Environmental protection is our priority

    The system is the basis for unique, environmentally friendly and efficient products. Which contributes to the preservation of human life and environmental protection.

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    No connection to the power grid, no need to run expensive cable lines
    No approvals, permits, cabinet walking, etc. for the initial connection
    There is a lifetime preferential maintenance of the power source
    No monthly payments for electricity (constantly growing)
    There is free (renewable) free electricity where you need it.
    There is an innovative method of power generation and lighting (LED matrices)